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Everyday, 22 veterans commit suicide. SSS-Slider3_A

Which is why we  go a little off-script for this episode.

Episode 8 is all about a non-profit called

From their site:

“We take a unique “triage” approach to helping those who seek us out.

We don’t bandaid the issue with a single answer or 1-800 number.

We “fill the gap” that other organizations are simply unable to do right now.

Stop Soldier Suicide was founded and is led by ex- and active-duty military. We have a personal understanding of what our brothers and sisters are going through. The red tape, the fears, the combat, the deployments, the “coming home.”

As such, we know the problems and issues of military suicide are too complex for a single answer. It might be a financial, housing, relationship, job or substance abuse issue driving feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed. It could be physical issues of TBI, loss of limb or paralysis or mental issues of PTS or depression and anxiety.

Our three-pronged approach means every individual gets the right help and care for their situation. Our Resource Center is our core and how we offer help to those in need. This Center is staffed with volunteers who either have their BSW, MSW or are in training to receive those degrees, all led by our fully licensed MSW (Masters of Social Work) Triage Director.”

Here at American Guerrilla we made it our mission to raise $2,000 in the month of May to support them. 

Their Triage Director, Shawn Jones took some time out of his day to talk with us and tell us more about what they are doing and who they are helping.

After you listen to it, if you feel the desire to donate please click the link below.

Lock N’ Load Java – Carl Churchill a Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Warfighter and Coffee Connoisseur

“No plan survives enemy contact.”

Carl Churchill spent 21 years in the Army retiring as a Lt. Colonel. Shortly thereafter, along with his wife, he started a premium coffee company called Lock N’ Load Java. In this episode of the Guerrilla Radio Podcast he shares his tips and ideas that he accumulated over his career in the Army as well as his impressive career in the private sector.


1:00 – Carl’s Background

4:51 – Start up experience

6:56 – Starting Lock N’ Load Java

13:20 – Up until the 1st sale

18:02 – First Sale

19:30 – Current Corporate Structure

22:51 – Staying Lean as a start up

24:39 – What happens when I buy coffee from you?

29:30 – Send Coffee to the troops – (click the link to learn more)

30:53 – Top 3 Lessons Learned in the Army

35:25 – What are you good at?

38:10 – What’s next?

41:50 – Rapid Fire


“The Combat Arms of business, is sales.”

“No plan survives enemy contact.”


7 – Habits of Highly Effective People

Jeff Shaara – War Novels


Again Faster – Jon Gilson On Market Saturation, Good Bourbon and how he built a multi-million dollar fitness company

Jon Gilson is the founder of Again Faster and the AF Project, which supply trainers all of the world with high-quality fitness equipment and high-quality business advice, respectively.

He is also a seasoned trainer and lecturer spending several years on the CrossFit HQ seminar staff and advisory board, traveling the world and sharing his knowledge with others.

He will be in Fort Wayne, IN on March 7th for his 1.0 Seminar…you can register here.

I first met Jon in early 2009 at my CrossFit Level 1 Seminar in Boca Raton, FL.

He started his fitness equipment company (Again Faster) in his apartment while providing immense value to others which provided him with a huge platform to offer quality products to an enthusiastic and rapidly growing customer base…the CrossFit community.

His strategy on providing value first, is the key to building a valuable brand and business.


:59 – Background

3:45 – Creating Again Faster

13:45 – Building a Team

17:25 – CrossFit Boston

21:00 – AF Project

25:02 – Numbers

28:12 – Normative Value?

31:15 – Seminars

39:00 – Market Saturation

44:10 – Rapid Fire

Show Notes:

Jon’s Equipment Company:

Jon’s Business Consulting Company: 

Jon’s old blog: 

Top 3 Books:
How to Measure Anything – Douglas Hubbard

The Practice of Management – Peter Drucker

Against the Gods – Peter Bernstein