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Article 15 Clothing – Mat Best on creating a killer brand, Range 15 the Movie and blowing up teddy bears with tannerite

Happy 4th of July!

Mat Best is a marketing madman, amassing millions of YouTube Views and hundreds of thousands of followers between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In the 10th episode of the Vetrepreneur Podcast Mat talks about how he built such a large following and his ideas on how it can work for you.

He is a vet who makes and sells bad ass t shirts, whiskey and coffee.

What’s not to like?

Be sure to check out the links below to learn more about his business and buy yourself something nice.

Mat’s clothing company: Article 15 Clothing

Mat’s whiskey company: Leadslingers Whiskey

Mat’s coffee company: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Range 15 The Movie

The book I was trying to remember…….The Return: A field Manual for Life After Combat by David Danelo

The movie that Mat and his friends have a guest spot in Helen Keller vs Nightwolves by Ross Patterson

Frog Lube – Larry Lasky a 24-year veteran of the Navy seals on entrepreneurship, military lessons and hard landings on air craft carriers

You read that correctly.

We are now The Vetrepreneur Podcast!

We haven’t posted in a little while as we were updating our artwork and intro music to coincide with the new brand.

The first 5 mins of this podcast will explain all of the changes and have some new information on up and coming episodes. Plus a new program that Combat Flip Flops has just rolled out…..if you are a vet you need to listen to this.

Plus, the new intro is BADASS……….seriously BADASS.

Lastly, if anything we have done (podcast, gear, blog, etc) has provided you any value PLEASE go to iTunes and give us a 5-star rating and leave us a review.

This will make us very happy:)



Grunt Style – Daniel Alarik on Entrepreneurship, Hiring Veterans, Building a Million Dollar Apparel Company and Punching ISIS

Daniel Alarik has been in the Army since 2000. After a few tours overseas and stateside as a Drill Sergeant he searched for a way to transfer the military culture into his civilian life.

In 2009 he created Grunt Style to do just that.


“Grunt Style is a highly motivated group of veterans and patriots who love three things, PT, Freedom and Bacon.  Not in that order.

We design and make our own gear in house during the week, drink whiskey and go to the range on the weekends.”

He grew his small business from a one man operation to a million dollar company with 88 employees of which 75% are Veterans.

He also guarantees every Veteran a job interview.

Check out the podcast to learn more about Grunt Style and be sure to stop by their site a pick up a badass T – shirt. 

1:15 – Daniel’s Background

7:45 –  Transition from military to civilian life

11:30 – Hiring Veterans

16:38 – The first few years of Grunt Style

19:00 – Last ditch effort to Vegas (great story)

22:28 – Making the companies first million

26:05 – Social Media Strategy

30:00 – Grunt Style’s marketing squad leader earns a Silver Star

32:15 – Social Media Scheduling

35:00 – What’s Next?

39:28 – Rapid Fire Round

Noteworthy Quotes:

“Every time you grow you get to fire yourself from a job and hire someone better to do it.”

“With a great attitude you can beat almost anyone.”

“Fail as fast as you can to figure out what works.”

“You have to sell!”