Lock N’ Load Java – Carl Churchill a Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Warfighter and Coffee Connoisseur

“No plan survives enemy contact.”

Carl Churchill spent 21 years in the Army retiring as a Lt. Colonel. Shortly thereafter, along with his wife, he started a premium coffee company called Lock N’ Load Java. In this episode of the Guerrilla Radio Podcast he shares his tips and ideas that he accumulated over his career in the Army as well as his impressive career in the private sector.


1:00 – Carl’s Background

4:51 – Start up experience

6:56 – Starting Lock N’ Load Java

13:20 – Up until the 1st sale

18:02 – First Sale

19:30 – Current Corporate Structure

22:51 – Staying Lean as a start up

24:39 – What happens when I buy coffee from you?

29:30 – Send Coffee to the troops – (click the link to learn more)

30:53 – Top 3 Lessons Learned in the Army

35:25 – What are you good at?

38:10 – What’s next?

41:50 – Rapid Fire


“The Combat Arms of business, is sales.”

“No plan survives enemy contact.”


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