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StopSoldierSuicide.org – Shawn Jones – Triage Director and the American Guerrilla Raise 2K in May Campaign

Everyday, 22 veterans commit suicide. SSS-Slider3_A

Which is why we  go a little off-script for this episode.

Episode 8 is all about a non-profit called stopsoldiersuicide.org.

From their site:

“We take a unique “triage” approach to helping those who seek us out.

We don’t bandaid the issue with a single answer or 1-800 number.

We “fill the gap” that other organizations are simply unable to do right now.

Stop Soldier Suicide was founded and is led by ex- and active-duty military. We have a personal understanding of what our brothers and sisters are going through. The red tape, the fears, the combat, the deployments, the “coming home.”

As such, we know the problems and issues of military suicide are too complex for a single answer. It might be a financial, housing, relationship, job or substance abuse issue driving feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed. It could be physical issues of TBI, loss of limb or paralysis or mental issues of PTS or depression and anxiety.

Our three-pronged approach means every individual gets the right help and care for their situation. Our Resource Center is our core and how we offer help to those in need. This Center is staffed with volunteers who either have their BSW, MSW or are in training to receive those degrees, all led by our fully licensed MSW (Masters of Social Work) Triage Director.”

Here at American Guerrilla we made it our mission to raise $2,000 in the month of May to support them. 

Their Triage Director, Shawn Jones took some time out of his day to talk with us and tell us more about what they are doing and who they are helping.

After you listen to it, if you feel the desire to donate please click the link below.