The Stories We Tell Ourselves…..

I have trained people who are convinced that they are too old, too fat, too broken, too injured, too “fill in the blank”….and by making that their story it of course becomes their reality.

Our lives are a physical manifestation of the stories we tell ourselves.

Be conscious of these stories, they will dictate the course of your life.

2 thoughts on “The Stories We Tell Ourselves…..”

  1. I sometimes tell myself that I’m a superhero, but then reality hits eventually. I think the best story I have told myself is that I enjoy what I do because of what I get as a result of my actions. I do not need to be a superhero, “ripped,” young, rich, or any such thing because no matter what I have, I could have more. This state of “richness” will never come to pass until the way things are is accepted. What matters is the life that you actually live, the present moment, rather than the life that you dream up in your mind that SHOULD be but yet never happens. Every day that is tough, brutal, painful, becomes bearable because it has meaning that you have given it rather than it being a reminder of all of the things that you wish you could have but don’t. I love lifting weights, doing gymnastics, running, and just generally moving, and every day I get better, stronger, smarter. It used to bug me that I couldn’t be skinny enough, strong enough, or the greatest performer. Now, I live life for its own sake :). Hope these thoughts gel with what you were trying to say with this post Justin and hopefully they will help someone else like they helped me.

    Thanks for making this blog!


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