Frog Lube – Larry Lasky a 24-year veteran of the Navy seals on entrepreneurship, military lessons and hard landings on air craft carriers

You read that correctly.

We are now The Vetrepreneur Podcast!

We haven’t posted in a little while as we were updating our artwork and intro music to coincide with the new brand.

The first 5 mins of┬áthis podcast will explain all of the changes and have some new information on up and coming episodes. Plus a new program that Combat Flip Flops has just rolled out…..if you are a vet you need to listen to this.

Plus, the new intro is BADASS……….seriously BADASS.

Lastly, if anything we have done (podcast, gear, blog, etc) has provided you any value PLEASE go to iTunes and give us a 5-star rating and leave us a review.

This will make us very happy:)



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